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Photograph: Ece Karataş

The iCP Institute for cultural policy is a multi-disciplinary practice for critical spatial inquiries into the hybrid realities of human and non-human agency. With the aim of unlocking potential through design, entering a project at an early stage helps us to define the problem rather than having to respond to an already existing set of assumptions.

While nurturing a shared set of values and sound work ethic with our clients and collaborators alike, we scrutinise every step of the creative process in the face of emergent social, political and ecological challenges on the ground. Join us exploring these uncharted territories!

Denizhan Fiel, Executive Creative Director
Wolfgang Fiel, Executive Creative Director
Julia Ehgartner, Research and Project Development
Ece Karataş, Design Development and Photography
Shahab Nadaei, Creative Data and Project Development
Katharina Sophie Krump, Architectural Design
Ágnes Várnai, Fashion and Product Design